May Flowers & Makeup Powers

Spring is here and the warm weather has finally arrived (yay!) bringing rain (boo) and a lot of cute, fresh Spring outfit ideas. On my polyvore account, I make sets regularly of outfits I wish I had in my wardrobe but that are usually too pricey for me to actually buy. But it’s fun to pretend and I love, love, love finishing a set and thinking “Damn, I want to wear that.” Here are a few sets I’ve done recently in the spirit of spring and all that comes with it:
Make sure all those motherfuckin boys know
This is my most recent set and the one I’m loving most at the moment. I know I’m a little late, but I have recently climbed aboard the boyfriend jean train (and I’m sorry I didn’t do it earlier). I absolutely love the look of a boyfriend jean, especially paired with an ultra-femme top like the ruffled crop shown. The white platform slip-ons give the outfit a cool, casual feel, along with the fringe bag and the fun sunnies (ha, get it? Because they look like suns? No? Okay.). The large-stone rings are another trend that I am really into right now — I think they add a super cool boho-vibe that’s awesome for these upcoming warm-weather months.
Aqua seafoam shame

This set is one that I freaking adore. This outfit combines a lot of the trends I’ve been seeing (and admiring) lately — the white platform heel, the cropped jersey tank, the plaid skirt. It all screams Clueless. And, really, who doesn’t want to be Cher?

Something else that I’ve been loving for Spring is a pink lipstick like the one shown above. I’ve been wearing nearly every day the L’Oreal Paris Privee Collection by Julianne lipstick in the shade 620 (Julianne’s Nude). I talked about this lipstick in a previous post and, yes, I’m still in love with it. I just find that a nice pink shade on your lips is so fresh and pretty and reminiscent of all the flowers that are now blooming. Another thing I’ve been doing lately, makeup wise, is a midnight blue eye-shadow as an eyeliner. This really has nothing to do with Spring — I’ve just been wanting to talk about it and didn’t want to make a three-sentence post about my midnight blue eye-shadow. But now that we’re here, I will say that a soft, midnight blue shadow is such a nice change from my typical hard black line. I just apply the eye-shadow with an angled brush along my top lash-line and voila! I’ve got a really pretty, soft eye look that’s perfect for those of you who are looking to break free from boring black, if only for one day. And if a dark blue isn’t for you, a deep purple or even a dark green could work just the same. 

That’s all I’ve got for my latest Spring obsessions, but keep a look out for a simple outfit of the day post and, as always, feel free to comment with anything you’ve been obsessed with lately or any fun makeup looks you’ve been loving. I’d love to try them out!



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