Springtime Health Kick

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Spring always inspires me to get really healthy inside and out. Does this spring health kick ever last more than a couple months at most? No, it does not. But it’s happening right now and I’ve picked up some simple healthy habits in hopes that this time my health kick will maintain its hold at least until school starts in the fall (yeah, we’ll see how that goes!). Anyway, here is a list of a few healthy things I’ve been doing lately and why you should do them too!
1. Eating fruit. Fruit is a magical food group that is sweet and delicious but super low in calories, fat, and sodium. I’ve been eating about a cup of various fruits nearly every day and it makes me feel a lot lighter in the best way than when I was eating chips and Pop Tarts as snacks (um, duh). Now, I happen to absolutely love fruit, but you could, of course, trade fruit for vegetables. Both provide plenty of nutrients and dietary fiber without a crazy caloric intake.
2. Exercise. Don’t mistake me for some kind of exercise-aholic — I hate working out. Which is exactly why I choose exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, like yoga and hula hooping. I’ve been doing yoga for about a year and I recommend it to anyone, even if you think it’s “not for you”. It is not only an awesome way to stay flexible and strong, but it also acts as a method of meditation (something that’s not on this list, but something that I’ve been doing recently as well and totally love — try it!!). If you want to try yoga, but you’re not sure where to start, check out this video! Another way I’ve been exercising is hula hooping, and not just the regular, boring, swing-your-hips-round-and-round hula hooping. My roommate and I recently bought some hula hoops and have been hooping and trying out new tricks. We are, of course, only beginners right now but it’s pretty easy to pick up and really fun!
3. St. Ives Even & Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub. If you haven’t tried any of St. Ives face scrubs, you need to. I’ve tried the apricot scrub in the past and really liked it, but the pink lemon/mandarin orange scrub has changed my life. First, it smells amazing. Second, it cleans my face so well and really fends off any breakouts. I don’t know if it’s really evening out my skin tone or brightening my skin, but it is making my skin feel soft and smooth and it’s keeping my skin healthy. What more can a girl ask for, really?
4. Organic Coconut Oil. My roommate has been obsessed with hair care since I met her in August and recently she bought some organic coconut oil for us to try out. And let me tell you, it works wonders. We’ve been putting it in our hair (it makes hair so soft and shiny!!), and on our eyelashes and eyebrows. It may seem strange to put it on our eyelashes and eyebrows as well, but it’s supposed to thicken and lengthen hair in addition to making it softer and shinier. I haven’t seen much of a result, but my roommate, who has been using it for a month compared to my measly two weeks, has seen a big improvement in the thickness of her eyelashes and eyebrows.
5. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I have used this BB cream in the past and thought it was absolutely incredible. This winter, however, I decided to switch to a foundation and, after a month or two, I remembered why I had used the BB cream for so long — it was making my skin gorgeous. The switch to foundation put the kibosh on my skin’s radiance, so now I’m back to the BB cream and I’m starting to see the results: the discoloration in my skin is evening out and I’m starting to get that glowy-ness back. I can’t believe I ever quit using this stuff!
It’s not a lot, but these five steps in my journey toward a better, healthier me have already made me feel like a million bucks. Let me know if you try any of this or do any of this and what you think of it! I also would like to hear some of the things you do that aren’t on this short list so leave any tips, fun exercises, products, or anything else ya got for me in the comments!

April Favorites

I know it’s a little early for an April Favorites post, but I’ve gotten my hands on some amazing products this month that I just had to share.

The first is, of course, my amazing Dr. Martens. These boots are the 1460 women’s style and I have worn the absolute crap out of them in the past two weeks. They were a bit stiff and uncomfortable at first, but quickly softened up and are now my most comfortable boots. I wear them with pretty much anything, from girly dresses to destroyed skinny jeans, and they add a really cool edge to all my outfits. You can definitely expect an OOTD post featuring these babies soon!

Now for the small things!

First, let’s talk about my new sunglasses. I bought these last week on an outing to the Delmar Loop in St. Louis despite the fact that I already have a fairly large (okay, it’s kind of ridiculous) collection of sunglasses. But you can never have enough pairs of sunglasses, right?  And these sunnies are huge and so fabulous and really make me feel like I am the coolest girl in the world. How could I resist?

There is only one thing that I love more than sunglasses: lip products. There are two lip products that I have been really loving (and by really loving I mean wearing every single day for the past three weeks), and those are my Vaseline Lip Therapy with cocoa butter and my lipstick from the L’Oreal Paris Privee Collection by Julianne in the shade 620 (Julianne’s Nude). Okay, first of all, the Vaseline Lip Therapy is the cutest little thing. It’s so tiny, which makes it perfect for just throwing in your purse and running out of the house. And it works! It’s incredibly moisturizing and leaves my lips soft for hours after putting it on. As for the lipstick, not only is it the most beautiful, shimmery light pink, but it is like butter when you apply it. The color is quite sheer, but the color is build-able so you can achieve a bit of a bolder pink if you’d like.

Another makeup product I’ve been using daily is my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Primer. I absolutely love this primer because it makes my makeup last so much longer than it would without primer. Plus, it has SPF 15 to protect my fair skin from the sun, something I always look for in makeup products.

The last product for my April Favorites is one that I use less often than others, but it’s one that I still absolutely love — my Maybelline Master Glaze blush stick in the shade 30. Its a lovely coral color that I find is always nice for warmer weather, especially as my skin gets a little color from being outside more often. What I really love about this blush stick is its weird texture. I know that’s off-putting, but it’s kind of cool. It goes on almost like a cream blush, but as you blend it, it turns powdery. Very strange, but really pretty.

That’s it for my April favorites, but keep an eye out for an OOTD post featuring my Docs and sunnies! (And let’s face it — I’ll probably be wearing my L’Oreal lipstick as well he he)