Blue Jeans, White Shirt

I recently picked up some things at Goodwill that I am beyond excited about, including a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s for $6! How incredible is that? On top of that, I snagged a very Clueless-esque skort, and a pair of overall shorts. Also featured in the first picture are a pair of cat-eye sunglasses that my boyfriend bought me at a little shop in St. Louis.





Shiny New Things

I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping lately, and by “quite a bit” I mean way more than I should be. But all responsible thoughts aside, I have picked up some pretty amazing things. Some of it is still on its way via the ever-so-kind U.S. Postal Service (perhaps those purchases’ arrivals will merit a haul video!), but what I physically have right now is pretty awesome. And I got all of it either on sale or at Goodwill so I can’t feel that guilty for spending the money, right? Just say yes.

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First I want to talk about the cutie small things I’ve picked up. I got these absolutely lovely coordinating black and white candle holders on sale at Target for about $2 each, which is really a deal you cannot walk past. Then, at Goodwill, I spotted this really fabulous little silver-plated tray that will look perfect holding rings and other small things on my new dresser (which is also on its way — yay!).


The most exciting recent purchase, however, is my white comforter. It is like laying on a fluffy white cloud; so soft, so clean, so so so in love. And it’s perfect for cute laying-down selfies, so, I mean, what else could you want?

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Berries On Toast


I made myself a healthy little pre-work meal and thought it was cute enough — and yummy enough — to share. I toasted up some whole wheat bread, spread peanut butter on one slice and added blueberries (shown on left), then put blackberry jam and fresh blackberries on the other slice (shown on right).It turned out to be a really summery-looking meal so I snapped some shotty iPhone photos featuring a fancy paper plate.




Summer Days, Driftin’ Away

Yes, I used lyrics to a song from Grease as the title of this post. But it fits! Summer is coming to a close (boo!) but I’ve been keeping busy these last few weeks in an effort to savor my time before classes start. Some things I’ve been doing recently include reading — Siddhartha by Herman Hesse is the current favorite — shoe shopping, and using up disposable camera after disposable camera (an expensive way to document your summer I found out  — oops!), as well as walking around Chicago and boating in Wisconsin. Here’s a look!












Featured in the photos: Siddhartha by Herman Hess, New Look Flatforms from, Quartz pendant necklace from a local shop in Wisconsin, Tea lights from Walmart, Various photos from camping and other escapades with my boyf.

And just because I think it’s adorable, here’s an outtake featuring Richie the Kitten:




White Hot, White Hot


I’m sure you’ve already been bashed over the head with hype over the all-white trend for Summer ’14 — I have been, too — but really, how can you not be obsessed? An all-white ensemble just screams fresh and breezy, a perfect combo to combat summer heat.

All white everything, word to Mary Jane
White hot summer

If you’re a bit hesitant about going for the all-out, in-your-face, white-out look, you can adjust the amount of white to your comfort level.

So go ahead, climb aboard the trend train (if you haven’t already!)